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My Story

Working with voice and sound is my passion in life. Developing my sound practice transformed my own life allowing a shy, traumatised younger self to blossom into a confident singer and performer with an expanded and energised sense of self. Feeling the vibrations of sound resonating through the body is uplifting, joyous and liberating. After completing a BA in fine art I trained as a Drama Therapist and began singing lessons because I really wanted to develop my voice. I quickly came to realise that the voice connected directly and powerfully to the emotions and so began studying this connection in more depth. I discovered and studied the ancient links between voice and the chakra system and its huge benefits to health and well being, not to mention
the connection to source energy.
Vibrational sound; the sound of your own voice can change molecular structure, connect you to your core self and create a channel of expression which can heal old wounds and liberate you from the past, find  joy in the present and create a more grounded, authentic and creative future. Put simply' if I work with my voice a little bit every day, I feel joyful and expansive, full of life and freed from the past...




The basis of the work lies in directing the vibrational energy of the voice into the seven major energy centres (chakras) of the body. As each represents a stage of development, resonating the sound in this way can release patterns from the past and create new energetic pathways to benefit the present and form the basis of a more expansive and creative future.


I have developed a series of sound cycles which are designed to greatly help this process, using dynamic posture. movement and imagery in a unique way. There are no aesthetics involved. The focus is on feeling the voice rather than listening to it and judging it, on creating space for it to resonate more deeply and with less effort. People report feeling relaxed and rejuvenated after a session or workshop often with new insights and a sense of reconnection with their core self.

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The work is suitable for everyone, not just professionals and crosses all barriers of age, levels of fitness and core beliefs. Sounding together is one of life's most profound experiences as it connects us to one another at a deep level. It also connects us to our authentic selves and to source, whatever that means for you.



Workshops and classes 

I'm a paraI am sorry to say that due to the Corona virus, all classes and workshops have been postponed for the time being. There are some very simple videos for you to follow in the Sounding for Grounding section if you would like to try the work or the book is available for you to try the full range of exercises at home. I am also working on an online course which should be available shortly. The other option is to book an individual session via Skype...please contact me for details.In the meantime, stay safe and I hope to see you in the very near future.graph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.