Individual Sessions


 If you are feeling stuck in your life and unable to express yourself, or if you long to join a choir but don't have the confidence, if you feel "unheard" in your life in general but don't wish to join a group for whatever reason, an individual session might suit you best.

 During an individual session I am able to focus completely on your unique energy field and tune in to what the voice is expressing from the unconscious. I can sense this in the form of images or words or both and this information leads us gently to the core issue.

This allows us to bypass the mind and listen to what the body, the sounds, the forgotten parts of ourselves are trying to tell us and may have been trying to express for some time. This can be an unexpressed grief, a neglected talent, younger self yearning to be heard, a long held dream, a core characteristic which has never been allowed to simply "be". We can hear and understand the inner dialogues which have been dominating our lives, originating long ago and no longer needed. These neglected aspects can cause throat and breathing problems, low energy, sadness, a feeling of being stuck, fear of moving forward and a whole host of other conditions.


Singers often find whole new aspects of the voice. Some people believe that they don't even have a voice until it is released. Similarly for actors or for people who long to join a choir but don't have the confidence.

Many people come to me with a vague sense of unease; something not feeling quite right, or a feeling that they are lost and don't any longer feel connected to their core selves.

Whatever the reasons the work is unfailing in its ability to find and release the root cause of the unease and access the energy needed to release it. It does not require a "good" voice or any experience in using voice or releasing sound. I provide a safe non judgmental space in which to explore and express yourself!

During lockdown I can offer this same service via Skype or Zoom .

The fees for this are £30 for a thirty minute introductory session, then £65 per hour thereafter.


Contact me to discuss all of this and learn more. I look forward to hearing from you.!

"Adrienne, thank you for giving me back the voice of my soul!" Annabella Ashby, Orgiva, Spain.

" I rang Adrienne because I simply couldn't sing a note since my husband's death eight years ago. I was convinced it wouldn't work but after an hour of patient guidance, I stood up and sang a whole song....fully and with strength. I couldn't believe it".  Lucy Winkworth Brighton.