An On-line Course

I have created an online course called Turbocharge Your Voice. It is available on Udemy.com and designed as a 14 day adventure aimed at giving you more confidence in using your voice in front of others. If you long to join a choir, take singing lessons or begin performing songs or poetry but don't have the confidence this is the course for you! It has a fully illustrated workbook to accompany you on your journey and offers time and space to reflect on your progress and insights. It may be that someone has heavily criticised you in the past about your singing or speaking and this can be changed by using the vibrational sound of your own voice directed into the seven major energy centres of the body) chakras)  to create more space for the real you to emerge. People are often surprised by their own voices. I often hear them comment that they had no idea they even had a voice and especially not one that sounds so powerful and strong. if you go along to Udemy you can see a preview to make sure it's the right course for you! I would love to see you there!

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