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He Who Knows The Secret Of Sound Knows The Secret Of The Whole Universe.......Imrat Khan.

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Discovering the secret power of vibrational sound was life changing, fascinating and joyful. It opened up a whole new Universe I didn't know existed. My voice, posture and breathing improved, almost as a by-product and the connection between my voice and body was strengthened, having had a very poor relationship with my body for many years.

The connection with the chakra system was another eye opener. I knew nothing about this and viewed it as mainly spiritual and impractical. How wrong I was as I discovered the links between the chakras and the developmental stages of life, each centre connected to a particular stage of being and growth. It proved to be a very simple life map which threw light on many issues for me. The continued practice of vibrating the sound of my own voice in these areas was so beneficial and gave me a sense of exploration; of coming to know myself better ad better as each centre was strengthened and expanded.

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